Angst from my angst-ridden soul

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I came on to write a chatty post, free of angst, about how my robot series is finally coming to life and how happy I am that I'll get to write it after all. I was also going to talk about how I've set myself a deadline to finish my Rome novel by September 13th (which, it just occurs to me, is also my wedding anniversary).

However, the door rang and the mail lady gave me a package. "Jaycinth" is the name on the return address.

Inside the package is as follows:

1) A heavy ceramic dish

2) Which has gummy worms in it

3) As well as the best macadamia and butterscotch cookies this world has ever known.

So instead of sharing feelings with you, I'm going to sit here and stuff my face unto death.

Oh, and sleepy Zach says hi.


1 Angst(s):

Carrie said...

OR! You could get your skinny ass over to google docs and work on VHV. *grin*

I got a similar package today... peanut butter cookies with sinful chocolate chips and nuts and peanut butter chips...

My tastebuds are totally loving on Jay. My hips, not so much...