August Sixth

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

August sixth, two thousand and seven, will be a normal, average day for most folks. They'll be getting up and going to work...

But not me!

I just got back from the travel agency a little bit ago, after booking our CRUISE!


I'm so excited. My husband, my offspring and myself will be taking a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. It's a nice five day, four night trip, and I. Can't. Wait.

We've never taken a *real* vacation as a family. Unless you count the nightmare of a trip we took to Myrtle Beach, SC - if I had to relive that trip, I'd snack on arsenic and wash it down with Drain-O. It was that bad.

Long weekends are as fancy as it gets. Hubby & I took a cruise in 2002 and we've been itching to take another one. So now's the time.

I'm really looking forward to a nice relaxing week on the cruise.

Of course, I expect a huge hurricane that ruins all our plans. Or a typhoon. Or some freak crosswinds that blow us into Bermuda, where we vanish.

I wanna go NOW, dammit, not 5 months from now. *whine*

We even sprung for the Jr. Suite so we'll have our own little balcony. Last time we went, I spent every evening on the balcony writing in my journal. I can't wait. It's gonna rock. :oD

5 Angst(s):

TJWriter said...

Rock on. I can't wait to do another cruise. It was the best. Royal Caribbean rocks.

Pete said...

Well...well...I....*I'm* going on...a spaceship! Yeah! It'll be really cool, too! It'll be BETTER!


I'm not very large, and I can be fit into a large suitcase. Bring me with you? :)

Carrie said...

Like the Enterprise? That would rock.

I mean..

Like? The? ... Ent-er-prise? That!..... would.... ROCK!!


Paprikapink said...

every evening on the balcony writing in your journal.....that sounds really good.

Melissa said...

Hope you have a great time!