Nature Roads

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, it was too beautiful a day to stay inside, so I and my younger sister went for a hike through the nearby nature reserve. Anything that remotely resembled a path (i.e., did not immediately have a tree sprouting in our way) was walked on. When you're debating whether the thing you're walking on is a path or a riverbed, you are perhaps getting a little nuts.

We did about nine miles, round trip. We also found cool walking sticks. I count this as a good day. Now, I need something cool to drink (and a jug of passion fruit juice is calling my name) and somewhere to put my feet up, and a notebook. Time to do that writing thing I keep going on about.


I brought a camera while out there and thought, "Well, let's take a nice and interesting picture, to share with the world, indicating my cool and intellect. So I had my sister take this.

Not the greatest picture.

Then, because my cool and intellect usually lasts about as long as it takes for me to think of something funny...

The sun was bright. I don't ALWAYS look like an impish and slightly stunned Lemur.

And then, because it just seemed like a good idea at the time (and turned out to the best picture of the bunch...)

And there. I have other interesting pictures of mushrooms, butterflies, frozen lakes, and such...but honestly, how many pictures can you stand to see? So I'll leave it there, and go do something useful.

3 Angst(s):

Carrie said...

You guys have sun up there? No freaking fair. :oD

Looks like an awesome place to walk. If it wasn't your sister taking the pics, I'd ask where the nudie ones are. ROFL

Tsuki said...

If you had my luck, you would have fallen off and smack your head against a landmine or something. :D

That looks like a really nice place to stroll around. The only woodsy areas we have around here are currently slathered in thick, vaccuum mud (river mud is merciless).

Rllgthunder said...

You damn kids! Stay offa my lawn!