The historic First Post!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

First, we should get the ambiance figured out in here.

Oh good, I think we've set the mood. Maybe some music is needed?

Splendid! I think we know where we're at here, then.

No, you can't leave. Sorry.

5 Angst(s):

Pete Tzinski said...

Hi! Wow! What a great blog! I love it here! Keep posting! It's so interesting!

Carrie said...

I agree!! This place ROCKS!!

Pete Tzinski said...

I hope someone named CARRIE makes the next post. Golly!

(I hope someone, someday, visits and reads this blog too.)

(And I want a pony.)

Melissa Golden said...

Wish granted!

(aka sanremoave)

Dawno said...

Hey, nice place. The kitten is a bit agressive, but I'll wear thicker socks next time I come 'round.