Most Frequently Asked Question

Sunday, January 28, 2007

So Pete and I are constantly barraged with inane questions from our devoted and loyal fan. (No, that's not supposed to be fanS.) Questions like "When will you let me go?" and "Can I PLEASE use the bathroom?"

The answers, of course, are "Never." and "No."

But I digress.

By far, the most popular question is: "What the hell is WRONG with you two?!"

Ha ha!

We know that the real underlying question is "Why don't you two have your own television show yet?" And the answer to that is simple. We have turned down numerous offers to do a TV show, because we are ARTISTS, and we bow to NO ONE. Our ART is pure and uncompromisable.

That, and no one's offer included a method of actually, you know, paying us.

So we will stand, unyielding, in our dedication and commitment to our ART.

We are, however, willing to negotiate. Call us!

6 Angst(s):

Pete Tzinski said...

For example, I would sell out for ten bucks. Or a cup of tea. I could go either way.

Carrie said...

I'd hold out for $20. I'm not as cheap as you. :oD

Melissa Golden said...

Would you take two twizzlers and an oreo?

robeiae said...


By the way, I want a taste of the action for providing the name. It's only fair.

Melissa Golden said...

So, did you want a twizzler or the oreo??

Pete said...

Do twizzlers and oreos mix well together?

When WE get a taste of the action, we'll speak about it at length here and it will be like tasting it.