Oh My Head.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The good news: Yesterday, I wrote a total of seven thousand words.

The bad news: I was up until three in the morning to do it.

The good news: I only started at a little after midnight. Go me!

The bad news: I was up until three in the morning to do it.

The good news: One more scene, and episode 2 of the robot serial is done. That makes me halfway finished!

The bad news: I haven't got a pot of tea.


I just made two boxes of macaroni and cheese. "Oh, he picks exciting things to blog about." They are pretty good when you add in extra cheddar cheese and bacon bits. "Oooh, aaah. What a loser." As my wife and I were wolfing our way through it all, "Yes, yes, maybe I'll watch paint dry after this," I jokingly checked the box for an expiration date, since these boxes have brand names that don't exist in the midwest. "Er...hang on. What?" As it turns out, they were Best By Febrauary 1st 2002. "Oh my God. Yikes."

We shall see what happens. Happy Birthday, Mac & Cheese Box.

2 Angst(s):

Melissa said...

Didn't know mac & cheese could expire --and five years out of date?! Is that the same weird feeling you get when you're halfway thru a sandwich and suddenly notice there's mold on the bread?

Should I be alarmed? Hey, it's just mold, right? Don't they make penicillin out of mold? That's good for you.Yeah, but it's MOLD. Ick. Just throw it away. Hey, maybe the milk's still ok....

Pete said...

Two days ago, I was halfway through a bowl of breakfast cereal when I realized that the milk smelled weird not just because I don't much like milk, but because there was somthing wrong with it.

I haven't gotten sick from either instance. I must have the immunity of a god.

(these will be ironic last words when I fall over dead in twenty minutes)