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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Been awhile since I've posted.

As many of you know, with the sad demise of Carrie -- who passed away from old age, having recently celebrated her 1,100,000,000th birthday -- it has fallen to me to maintain this blog's high standards. Therefore, before beginning this post, I was very careful to remove my pants. Also, because we are a bit entropic around here, I did not fold them up. They are crumpled! On the ground! Ha ha!

Exciting things which have happened on planet Pete:

1) We entered all of our books into Readerware's wonderful software, and were pleased to find that we have something in the vicinity of 1,200 books. Bliss! But we need more, more damn it.

2) Mister Baby is getting really good at focusing on the world around him. Specifically, he likes to focus on mine and my wife's faces. Sometimes, we get smiles, biiiiiig grins. He's just on the verge of laughing. He makes other sounds, but he's almost there. It's interesting to watch.

3) Other times, he gives me this stern-serious-ominous look which freaks the shit out of me and looks like he's about to send me to the cornfield, and then I give him to Mom.

4) God in the Machine is going well. Episode 5 comes out this coming Monday. It's a complicated series, full of complicated episodes, and I'm having a blast.

5) I gave up working on the first draft of Rome. I failed to start a 2nd draft properly. Lori convinced me that the first draft was fine. So I'm back trying to tool that into something I can enjoy working on. No success yet.

6) I just ate a pound of Jambalaya or so, along with corn on the cob. I am so full.

7) But this delicious Rooibos tea is definitely helping.

8) I love all of you.

9) I'm going to go write.

10) Pete

12 Angst(s):

TJWriter said...

I wondered if you all were ever going to blog again.

No! Don't go look at mine!

Anywho, glad things are going fairly well for you. I need to get back to this writing gig, thingie, stuff.

Rllgthunder said...

Pete said: "I love all of you."

What else is in that tea?

Rllgthunder said...

Pete said: "I gave up working on the first draft of Rome. I failed to start a 2nd draft properly. Lori convinced me that the first draft was fine. So I'm back trying to tool that into something I can enjoy working on. No success yet."

Okay, serious response:

Give it some time, Pete. I took the sixth draft of my first novel and I'm breaking it into two separate books. I should be working on another WIP, but this just feels right to at this time.

This is where working on my jobs seems to help. During the boring, repetitive parts of my job I think about my writing. I read one chapter in the morning before I head out and turn it over in my mind during the day. Sometimes it helps, allowing me to churn out a new idea or ponder a plot point that might take a new direction. Sometimes it doesn't, but when it does I can't wait to get home and start expanding on those ideas.

Good luck on that story, Pete.

Pete said...

The advantage is, if I don't want to work on the Rome novel at any given moment...I have loads of other things to write that DO go very well.

I know what the problem is with Rome (what my problem is, anyway) and I know what the solution is. It's just bridging the two.

Lori said...

Knowing that is progress, Pete.

Pete said...

Nah, it's thinking too much, which was also the problem in the first place.

It's probably a blog post in its own right. Maybe I'll do that, one of these days, when I (get this) AGAIN on this blog! Whoa!

In other news, I did not feed Zach any of those things which he pooped out this afternoon, and it was terrifying for everyone involved. Thankyew.

Midnight Muse said...

"Love all of you" Is that why I feel like I've just been cyberly felt up?

Yeah, just relax about Rome - now that you say you know the issue and how to fix it, just relax until you feel that spurge. (yanno, spurt of energy and urge to write it) Spurge. It's my new word of the day.

I should print it on toilet paper and sell rolls. Then I could be a published author-like person !

Pete said...

PublishAmerica toilet paper. We should send a roll to every PA author. What an idea.. :)

Rllgthunder said...

Call it 'PubbedFlush, America!' and you'll make a well as avoid any potential lawsuit, since parody is fair game.

Pete said...

Because I'm a nice guy, I'd send a box of it to the PA offices. They...

...I was going to say "can't afford it," but of course, they don't need to. They have so many manuscripts around the place. They probably have an "Eat Bran Muffins!" day just to clear the slush.


Midnight Muse said...

I wish them all explosive diarrhea and papercuts.

Pete said...

At the same time?