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Monday, September 24, 2007

Let's look at some baby pictures. Why not. There are women reading this blog. This'll be the most popular post in weeks.

^ This is my son, watching Dancing With The Stars (Seriously. What the hell is that show?)

^ This is my son, totally dissing Marie Osmond's Cha-Cha, or convulsion, or whatever it was.

^ Lazy lazy. Serious contemplating ur string theoriez.
(Lazy cat played by Bailey).

^ This is baby's happy look, just after sending Dad to the cornfield. Shudder.

(Charley The Seahorse For Vice President!)

^ Yes. We are all watched by Seahorses when we sleep. So don't ever close your eyes.
(The seahorse summons the clowns, you see. Who eat you.)

^ You can tell this picture was staged because 1) Baby is not doing his famous screaming/grunting/pooing combo (like a straining Hippo). And 2) Pete is not doing his shouting/gnashing/grousing combo which Dads the world over are known for.
Also, Zach looks like Dr. Evil, just a bit.

There we go. That was way easier than the post I was actually going to write, about the Season Premier of Heroes and the series premier of Journeyman. Those have way more words. This has way more baby pictures. Easy! Peasy! Rice and cheezy! (oh. And now I'm hungry. Sigh.)

Good night.

5 Angst(s):

Pete said...

He's gotten really good at smiling back at us. Last night, during the premiere of Heroes, he focused intently on the TV for almost the whole time. It was really neat. He's a fun kid, when he isn't hollering/pooping.

Midnight Muse said...

I'm thinkin' he was trying to use his Spidie-sense to change the channel!


Pete said...

It must have been taking up a lot of brain space, because he wasn't remembering his "swallowing" skill too well.

Lori said...

Are you sure he wasn't just imitating his daddy?

Pete said...

Nah, I don't look like that until at LEAST tax-time. The expression on my face during an episode of "Dancing with the stars" (half an episode, then we were creeped out and changed the channel) was incredulous laughter.