Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Day to all the Mothers out there!

I've been having a fabulous Mother's Day. Hubby is really bad at holding on to presents. He practically bounces out of his skin waiting for Christmas because he wants us to open our gifts early. I almost always get my birthday presents a week or two early, and Mother's Day is no exception.

Last week, he gave me a gorgeous diamond pendant necklace, which I have wanted for years. I don't wear much jewelry, usually just my wedding rings and my watch. Every so often I'll wear a necklace and/or a pair of earrings, and if I'm feeling really wild, perhaps a bracelet. I have simple, traditional taste in just about everything. I'm not into frou-frou fancy stuff. It's just not me. So I told hubby years ago that I wanted a simple diamond pendant necklace, and simple diamond stud earrings, and then my jewelry collection would be complete forever and ever. LOL Now I have the necklace, so once I get the earrings I'll never need another piece of jewelry*!

*Barring breakage, lost items and theft. I also reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

Awesome present, right? Right. But wait! There's more! Yesterday, we ran to OfficeMax (okay, we didn't run, we drove) and I got a laser printer. Can we say "WOOOO HOOOO!!!"?? I needed to print out my novel for some editing, as I've done a bunch of major edits on the screen, but I can't proof very well that way. My inkjet does okay, but it craps out on me mid-project. My other inkjet does well, but it was about out of ink and the cartridges are expensive. I needed to replace my main printer anyway, so I decided to go with a laser, particularly after some good discussions about printers on the AW forums. I did a bit of research online (How did I survive before the internet?!) and had a list of non-negotiable features. On top of the list was a large page-per-minute capability, and double-sided printing. I'm going through a massive amount of paper, and it's a major PITA and logistics exercise to print double-sided on a regular printer, so I definitely wanted the double sided printing. Oh, and I wanted a reasonable price.

So I ended up with
this little guy. I spent last evening getting it hooked up and then squealing with glee as it printed out my entire novel in under 6 minutes. (You should know by now that it's the little things that excite me!)

The only downside is that I have a computer armoire, and it doesn't fit on the printer shelf. So hubby got a little stand and it now lives right beside the cabinet. It seems very happy there.

I'm going to be spending the afternoon of my Mother's Day sorting paperwork. I have a nasty habit of checking the mail and just chucking everything onto a pile and then sorting it later. I pay all my bills online, so it's not like there's anything I need to look at... Hopefully I can get through my mountain of outdated envelopes and massive stack of unopened magazines and then spend some quality time on the back porch swing editing. I really want to get it done so I can print the whole book out again. LOL

Special note to Pete: Yes, a pregnant woman does get a present for Mother's Day. ;o)

3 Angst(s):

Rllgthunder said...

What to get a pregnant woman for Mother's Day?

Hmmm...how about a breast pump? Or a case of PHENTERMINE delivered before the delivery? Or...okay, that's all I got.

Carrie said...

Remind me not to buy "RT's Holiday Gift Giving Guide" this year. Or any other year. LOL

TJWriter said...

I'm glad you had a great day, Carrie.

Mine was a big disappointment, and I'm not even sure my husband realizes how much it hurt me.