Yes, I Am Still Alive.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

And periodically online.

This week has been insane. In addition to working lots every day, Monday there was a ballgame in the evening. Tuesday we had an appointment in a town an hour from home. Wednesday was another ballgame. Thursday was a meeting at the school. Friday was "catch my breath" night. Today, I spent hours digging and weeding and planting pansies along my deck, after going to get said pansies, mowing most of the yard, going to my next door neighbor's jewelry party (out of guilt because I don't wear much jewelry, but she's a wonderful neighbor so I went), snarfing down something vaguely resembling lunch, skimming the pool (the fire company brought us a load of water so we could get the pump going), and it is now 4:15 PM (EST, for the nosy among you) and I am just now sitting down.

I know, I know. RT's going to be PMing me, smugly asking how much editing I've gotten done in there. NONE. So there. Pbbbbbbt!

I've been down in the dumps lately. A combination of spring fever and being trapped in my job, I think. Add to that some babysitter issues, behavior issues with the Kid, and throw in all the other day to day shit that goes on, then top it all off with Little League and PTO volunteer obligations, and that makes for a grumpy and overwhelmed Carrie. (Yeah I know. Cry me a freaking river, right?)

On the upside, Hubby and Son were out and about today and stopped at the mall (which is about 45 minutes away). Hubby got me an awesome Ravens sweatshirt, a "Parking for Ravens fans only" sign to hang in front of my parking space, and a Ravens yard flag. *grin* I'm all set for football season! WOOO HOOO!! It's been such a long hard week that I promptly burst into tears and confused the poor guy. Oh, well. If he's not used to my idiosyncrasies after 17 years, it's his own fault. LOL

The weather is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful here today! It's sunny and warm and completely gorgeous. I'm debating curling up with a good book, doing some editing on my book, or just sitting out back on the porch swing and watching the birds and relaxing.

Or maybe I'll compromise. Maybe I'll sit out back with a notebook and sketch out my idea for the children's book I'm working on, then read a good book, all whilst relaxing. (Yes, RT, I neglected to mention editing. *grumble grumble* FYI, RT is far worse than Pete when interrogating me about what writing I'm getting done. I can distract Pete, usually by mentioning BOOBS, and change the subject.) That sounds like a good compromise to me. Or maybe I'll go to Borders and buy another stack of children's books to read study for research. Nah. It's too far away. A trip to is more likely.

8 Angst(s):

Rllgthunder said...

Ya could have done some productive editing instead of taking all that time to write such a whiny post. :D

Carrie said...

Bite. Me.


Rllgthunder said...

See. There. More valuable time...wasted.

Maybe it's time Pete and I teamed up to hold an intervention.

Pete will have to wear earplugs though. First time he hears you scream 'boobs' and it will become a chase scene in a Keystone Kops movie.

Melissa said...

Maybe RT is a leg man? Shout fishnets and see what happens....

Carrie said...

Or maybe I should yell "Penis!" and see if THAT works???


Rllgthunder said...
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Pete said...

For your information, it would be less Keystone Cops and more Three Stooges, except I'd be doing all the bits all by myself.

Sheesh. Go edit something. Crazy kids .

Rllgthunder said...

I edited my blog. Does that count? Well, I put my picture on it. Maybe I'll write something on it someday.