Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I don't have to work tomorrow! Yay! (It's the little things that thrill me, ya know!)

I'm going along on Son's field trip, which should be really cool. We're going to a Science Center, where we'll be building a huge bridge out of K'Nex (er, I mean the kids will be building it...) and then we'll be seeing an IMAX movie on a massive screen. I'm excited! I cleared the memory card and put fresh batteries in the camera. I've really, really missed doing stuff with the kids at the school since I went back to work. Previously, I was helping out with odds and ends two to three times a week. Yeah, I miss the little stinkers. *grin*


I'm currently jamming to AC/DC. Hell's Bells is one of the Best Songs Ever Made. EVER. And You Shook Me All Night Long. And Highway To Hell. Love me some good old fashioned rock & roll, yes I do! Before my AC/DC started, I was grooving with Joan Jett. She also had some of the Best Songs Ever Made, I Love Rock & Roll, of course, and I love Do Ya Wanna Touch. Great songs.

My one and only stint at Karaoke was with I Love Rock & Roll. I must have done well because everyone in the room was applauding and dancing and telling me how great it was. Of course, they were all completely wasted by the time I got on stage, but let's not dwell on the little details, okay?

Oooooh, Kiss with Heaven's On Fire. Some bits of technology I have to be dragged into kicking and screaming, but I looooooooooooooooove my MP3 player. I love love love my playlists, which range from classical (Vivaldi's Four Seasons is a favorite) to Spanish guitar (Benise... yummm) to my beloved country, to classic rock, to hair bands, to more country. Sorry, no pop. Or rap. Ick.

And now we've got Kick Start My Heart - Motley Crue...

*extends pinky and first finger and head bangs*

Aaaaaaahh, memories... Now I just need to find someone to buy me booze and I'm back in my teens. LOL

Of course I could buy my own. But they don't card me anymore, and that's just depressing. :oP


And the answer is no, none of this has anything to do with writing. But it's fabulous for my mental health.

So there.

6 Angst(s):

Pete said...

The greatest AC/DC song ever was, of course, "Big Balls."


Today, I jammed out to AC/DC, some classic Ozzy (including him doing a bizarre cover of the BeeGee's "Stayin' Alive") Avenged Sevenfold, Black Label Society, KISS (Psycho Circus was their best album after Destroyer) and....um....I can't remember what else I listened to.

*Falls asleep on keyboard*

Carrie said...

Who the hell are you?


Pete said...

This is why no one visits your blog, if that's how you treat visitors.

*sniff* How rude. I must complain about this on my blog...

TJWriter said...

It would be nice to see you post again, Pete. Somewhere. Anywhere. And without the damn YouTube clips that I can't view at work.

I need to get a new MP3 player myself.

Pete said...

I was planning on posting on Monday, but mebbe I'll do one tomorrow. Sorry. I'm up to my waist in my Rome novel, and up to my ears in researching Rome. I know a silly amount of stuff about Rome now. Did you know they commonly used hair dye, for example?

I'll try to be more Around. And I'll explain why I Haven't Been a little more shortly... :)

Rllgthunder said...

Pete said: Sorry. I'm up to my waist in my Rome novel, and up to my ears in researching Rome.

You could have just said 'debauchery' and we'd have got the point.