The Opposite of Dead

Monday, May 14, 2007

(which is, of course, 'alive.' Do try to keep up here.)

I'm sorry I haven't been around. It's been busybusybusy on this end of the world. Work is busy, for one thing.

My wife tested positive for Gestational Diabetes; normal diabetes would be less of a problem, but since the result of this would be twelve pound baby, we're having to be extra careful with what she eats. Mostly what this entails for me is getting up excessively early to make a real breakfast for her before she goes to work. Combined with late nights spent writing (or, alternatively, staring at the computer slack-jawed) and I'm pooped.

In other news, I've downloaded Stumble for Firefox, which is the most addictive thing on the whole planet and you absolutely shouldn't go out and download it. You'll have no life ever again.

Instead, you should go play Grow.

That's about the extent of my life, oddly enough. I'm waiting for them to open the building's pool, so I can get back to swimming. I'm a good swimmer, but you have limited opportunities for it in Northern Minnesota, if you can believe it. It's how I maintain this stunning figure:

Spent a happy afternoon yesterday hanging up pictures on the walls. My wife does puzzles and then glues them together, we frame them, then they make lovely artwork. So my TV is now framed -- as it were -- by two cool dragon/wizard pictures. And we have this winding dragon sculpture that appears to be coming right out of the wall. I would have totally included a picture, but I cannot seem to find my digital camera.

Also, right at this second, humidity appears to be at around 150%, and I've sweated half my body weight. So I'm going to take the laptop and crawl into the fridge and do some writing there.

Someone come pry me out in an hour or two.

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TJWriter said...

Gestational diabetes is no fun, but at least it goes away. Good job taking care of your wife.

Glad to hear the writing is going well, also.

Take care, Mr. Pete.

Dawno said...

My best wishes and positive thoughts for your wife, Pete.

I added the Stumble! widget to my browser ages ago and am also addicted to it. I occasionally post the links on my blog when they're particularly interesting or weird.

I think there's a Stumble "friends" community - feel free to add me to yours ;-)

Carrie said...

That really sucks that the Wife got GD, but thank goodness it's treatable and temporary. {{{HUGS}}} for both of you! Only a couple of months to go!

Pete said...

YOu know, for the longest time when someone would go ((((PETE)))) to me, I thought I was being yelled at really excessively loudly. Then, eventually, someone explained that it was a hug. Probably because every time someone "hugged" me, I apologized for whatever I'd just said...

Anyway, it's not like GD's the end of the world. It just means we're eating healthier, damn it. Or at least, I'm limiting my non-healthy eating to when she's gone. :D

Rllgthunder said...

I had a double quarter pounder with cheese and fries today. Healthy eating. Pffft.

Glad to hear things are at least okay there, Pete. Take care of the family.

TJWriter said...

You were in my dream last night, Pete.

It was a weird dream, but every time you spoke to me, it smelled of peppermint because you had just brushed your teeth (and it seems it was a very strong toothpaste).

Pete said...

OBVIOUSLY a dream, since if I had just brushed my teeth it would smell of vanilla mint.

I hope I said something interesting. :)

Carrie said...

Pete: Good dental hygiene, even in your dreams!