Chatting With Pete! And Other Stuff

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ha! It's only taken six months, but finally Pete and I had a few minutes to catch up over IM. Catching up consisted mainly of the following:

CARRIE: Pete! I'm online!

PETE: Great! Hey! Hi! How are you?!

CARRIE: Great! And you?

PETE: Great!

Followed by moments of idle chatter, quickly dissolving into some really funny stuff, none of which I can remember, but it was good stuff.

And Pete has angered his wife, so I advised him to grovel, to which he muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Damn women, always sticking together..."

Interspersed in there was some actually discussion of that thing... um, what's it called?? OH, YEAH! Writing! And he sent me a new short story (yay!) to read, and it was cool. Nyeah Nyeah Nyeah to the rest of you who didn't get to see it. *sticks tongue out*


Currently playing: Come Go With Me by Expose (I can't get the accent over the e, so just pretend it's there, okay?)


Currently I am reading Seven Up, the 7th (duh) Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich. I am also going to start Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, which looks really good.


Today they finished construction on my new porch roof. Hooray.


Fellow writers, do you tend to stick to one genre? For me, that's a big fat "NO." What am I working on right now? Well, I am trying to keep my novel in mind for editing, which is generic, general mainstream fiction. (Laaaaaaame, right?) I'm also working on a children's book.

And some, um, erotica.

I just kind of shake my head and wonder where the hell this all comes from. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. My personality (personalities?) has a wild range, so I guess it stands to reason that my writing would be all over the place, too. I do, however, think I'll be using a pen name for my porn. *grin*

I can just see it now:

AGENT: So what have you written?

CARRIE: Well, I have this children's picture book, this instruction book on tole painting, a romance novel, a non-fiction book examining the sociological aspects of Egyptian architecture as it relates to today's global economy, a collection of newspaper columns... OH, and a stack of porn.

Of course, *now* Hubby is interested in my writing. "Hey, you need any help with... research... you just let me know!" Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Riiiiiiiiight, honey.


Currently playing: Don't You Want Me Baby by Human League


There's a wily fly in here driving me insane. I went to get the flyswatter and the little bastard vanished.


ELEVEN DAYS until Harry Potter 5 is in theaters!!!!!


TWENTY-ONE DAYS until Harry Potter 7 is in my grubby little hands!!!!!!!!!!!


So I have a slight Harry Potter addiction. Yeah, me and seventy BILLION other people. I cannot wait for the new movie. I also have a slight Gary Oldman-as-Sirius Black addiction. One of my dearest friends bought me this poster for my birthday last year. Maybe this year I'll get this one. *grin*

I'm torn about the new book. I'm excited to get it and read it, but I'm bummed that it'll be the last. I want to reread the first six before I read the new one, so I will probably have to stay offline until I get a chance to finish it.


I think Snape is a good guy. In less than a month, we'll all know for sure!


Currently Playing: Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young (Yes, I'm in an 80's mood!)


Work's about the same. Tolerable but time consuming. We're hoping that by fall we'll be in a place where I can quit (if I decide to) and dedicate more time to my writing. Working a full time job has shown me lots of areas in my life where I need to improve, not the least of which is wasting time online. Should I quit, I will work hard to keep the Internet as a resource and tool... not as a necessity. It's very easy to let it get too important.

But we shall see how things work out.


Big plans for the Fourth? Here, we plan to just have a quiet day at home. Maybe a cookout with some family, but otherwise a quiet day just hanging out and maybe getting some stuff done around the house. That's how I like my holidays. Quiet and close to home.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

5 Angst(s):

Lori said...

I have questions:

1) Why do you consider mainstream fiction lame?

2) What did Pete do to anger his wife?

3) When you have more time to be online, does that mean you'll be able to help keep Pete entertained again?

Carrie said...

1. Noooo, I meant my lack of being able to categorize it more specifically was lame! (DUH on me!)

2. He was being.. *shudder*... male.

3. I certainly hope so! ;o)

Pete said...

Let's leave ME outta this...!

Carrie is pretty lame, to tell the truth.

She'll be back around at just about the point where I'm busy spending all my waking moments feeding a Tzinski 2.0, who will just convert it to poop.

Kathi Rerek said...

Carrie! (and Pete who I do not know, but I have a car named Petey, so it's all good).


I found this blog awhile back whilst fighting insomnia. I forgot to mention that to you. Oops.

Anyways, Happy 4th!

And I'm stoked about both the movie and the book, which I'll have to wrestle away from the teenager. I, too, think Snape is good!

Carrie, bigger crush on Timothy Olyphant or Gary Oldman.

Just wonderin'.

Erotica? Wow.

Carrie said...

Gary Oldman, hands down (his pants, preferably). HAHAHAHAHAHA

Are you really that surprised at me writing erotica? :oP

Pete, this is Kathi. Kathi, Pete. :oD