You Bastards!

Monday, June 4, 2007

No, not YOU! When I got DSL, I got an Earthlink account, which has my main email, as well as a boatload of free webspace, which I use a lot. (Mostly for hosting pictures and whatnot, but the point is that I use it!) Well, I've had this since 2003, and now I get a notice that Embarq (formerly Sprint, the only DSL provider in my area) is eliminating its affiliation with Earthlink this fall. Dammit! That cheeses me. I hate, hate, hate changing email addresses. Despise it. Loathe it. I hate going into my billion and seven online accounts and bills and changing my user profiles. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's freaking annoying.


In spite of that, I'm happy! I'm off work today to help at Son's school this afternoon. I miss being home and doing stuff on *my* schedule.


I can't believe there's only one episode of the Sopranos left!!!!! Ooooooooooooh, my, last night's episode was awesome. I don't watch many shows regularly, but this one I do. HBO has some of the most brilliant shows, they really do. Of course, I'm still pissed that they screwed me out of a resolution for Carnivale, which was fricking brilliant. BRILLIANT. And I'm still annoyed that they canceled Oz, which was also brilliant. Disturbing, but brilliant.

I'm really hoping the finale of the Sopranos is satisfying. As in, Tony *better* get Phil. If that shitbag makes it out, I'm going to send HBO a scathing email. That's right. A SCATHING email.


"Scathing" is a pretty cool word, isn't it? I love cool words. Facetious, gremlins, shitbag, putrid, fricking, mundane, assimilate, fuck, sashay, extrapolate, harbinger... awesome words, all of them. *grin*


BookWorm Adventures rocks. You should try it. And then pay the $20 to get the full version. It's worth it. Loooooooove that game!

4 Angst(s):

TJWriter said...


You had a little caffeine and sugar today did ya?

It shows. A lot.

At least you're having a good day.

Pete said...

It's like talking to that fish from Finding Nemo who goes:


And the strangest word usage in that post was "cheesed."


And how come your posts get more comments than my posts? S'not fair, that's what it's not.

Carrie said...

Because my posts are full of fascinating, riveting and wonderous information, PETE. And *I* don't have to pad my posts with YouTube videos. :oD

TJ! I was off work today. No caffeine and sugar necessary. Although I did have about 11 pounds of each before posting. :oP

TJWriter said...

Well, Pete, part of it is that I'm at work and streaming is blocked, so I can't watch your YouTube stuff here. Then, I almost never get to check it out at home anymore, so I don't know what to comment cuz I don't get the full effect.

*Runs away sobbing.*

Look what you made me do!