New Toys!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I got myself some new toys today! Since Pete got a new baby and all, I thought I should have something new as well, but I wanted something that didn't poop or cry. ;o)

I ended up at OfficeMax (drool, I looooooove office supplies) and I bought myself a nifty 250G external hard drive. My computer is about 5 years old... I know, that's like a billion in computer years, but there's not a darn thing wrong with it other than I'm running out of space. I've never had this one apart, so I didn't want to mess with internal stuff. I spent the better part of my evening backing up my photos and music, my two biggest spacehogs. I also burned all the photos to CD that hadn't already been done. But I just can't make myself delete the pictures off the computer yet.

I also bought myself a new camera. Since I'm going on a cruise in a few short days, I wanted a small camera that I can tote around all day, every day. I have a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, which I love, love, LOVE. But it's big and bulky and not good for carrying around for long periods of time. I also have a PowerShot A430 that I got dirt cheap for my kid to use.

I saw a nifty waterproof Pentax that caught my eye, so I went into three - THREE - different stores, and in EVERY store, the display model was inoperative. All three of them. So my thought was that A) There's a disgruntled Pentax ex-customer going around destroying all display models of that specific camera, or B) They don't handle actual usage well and I shouldn't buy one. I went with B) and didn't buy one.

I *did* however, buy a Canon PowerShot SD1000, which is tiny and freaking adorable. I decided on it because Canon has never done me wrong, even back to my 35mm days. It was also on sale, which helped sway my decision. It's no bigger than a deck of cards, and the screen on the back is a really nice 2.5". It's also got 7.1 MP and a 3x optical zoom. Not quite as much zoom as I like (the S2 IS has 12x), but it'll suffice for vacation and everyday stuff. It's also tiny enough that I can just keep it in my purse for whenever photo-taking opportunities arise. Yay.

Oh, and 2G memory cards were on sale Buy one, get one free. Double Yay. Now I can put one in my S2 and have one in the new one. Son will inherit my 1G, I guess.

9 Angst(s):

Rllgthunder said...

Was this supposed to be a review of office products or an excerpt of techno-erotica?

'Cause it could go either way...

Carrie said...

Take your pick. Whatever floats your hard drive. :oD

TJWriter said...

Sounds like fun.

I hope you have a good time on your cruise. They're such a blast.

Midnight Muse said...

I have two words for you:


Wait, that's only one word. Oh well, I is a riter, ya know :) I love new stuff. Just last week I bought a third Kodak, small enough to fit into my bra.

I'm still not sure if that's a comment on the size of the camera, or my boobs, but I sure do love the camera!

Pete said...

I vouch for more camera/boob comparisons.

"This camera's like Pamela Anderson!"

"Oh. I don't want that one. Haven't you got something more Kiera Knightley?"

*abashed, leaves*

Carrie said...

Ick. I hate, loathe and despise Kodak. I had an EasyShare that took shit pictures and their customer service was *worthless*. Hated it. I will never, never, ever, EVER get another Kodak.

I *heart* Canon. :oD

And my boobs.


Pete said...

I also hate Kodak, heart Canon, and her boobs.

Hoshit, did I say that out loud?

Midnight Muse said...

Say, Pete, is your wife breast feeding, by chance?


Pete said...

Ha ha! What an out-of-nowhere question to ask a fellow, ha ha!