GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I know how Pete feels about excessive exclamation points, so he may wish to avert his eyes for the following post...

It's Super Bowl



Hoo yeah, we're excited here in Carrieland!!!!

I spent the morning decorating. Yes, decorating. Yes, we're freaks. And we're okay with that! I strung cute little party lights - one string with Colts helmets, one string with plain footballs (that I'll use next year when my BALTIMORE RAVENS make it to the Super Bowl!!!!!) and I hung football-themed streamers and even hung some cute footbally stuff outside on our deck. *grin*

In case it isn't clear, we LOVE football here. Hubby is a huge Colts fan, so he's on Cloud 9 right now, counting down the minutes until kickoff. (308 right now)

We're having a little shin-dig with a few friends over. We'll be having pizza, hot wings, chips and dip, and of course some beer. I'll be drinking iced tea, but I'll hold a bottle of beer throughout the evening just to fit in. *grin*

Hubby just left for a grocery run to get salsa and tortilla chips. Yum. They may not make it until this evening!

Not only am I looking forward to the game itself, I am really looking forward to the COMMERCIALS!! I can't wait to see what clever spots all these companies come up with. Ameriquest (don't judge too quickly) and Bud (streaking goat) were my favorites from last year. It's the one and only time of the year that I look forward to the ninety BILLION commercials.

Gotta run and finish our 75-foot "Go Colts" banner.

(Not really. But if the Ravens were playing? Er, yeah, probably.)

5 Angst(s):

Pete said...

Yeah! Whoo! Football! Neat!


How Pete Celebrates SuperBowl Sunday:

1) Writes fifteen pages.
2) Burns lip on hot tea.
3) Makes garlic french bread.
4) Makes stir fry for dinner.
5) Pets happy kitty (x. 4)

...I didn't understand at all why people were telling me what a good and lucky thing it was that SOMEHOW, I'd managed to get this Sunday off of work and what a shame it was that my wife worked until early evening. I thought they were just being friendly.

Rllgthunder said...


Melissa said...

Yep. I'm afraid I can't drum up much enthusiasm, either.

I'm wondering about now, tho, how the exclamation points are flying in Carrieland. It's almost halftime and the score is 16IND-14CHI....

Pete said...

In case anyone wants an update on my end, I wrote less than fifteen pages, had some very good tea and garlic bread, and am about to get to the stir fry bit.

I did the petting happy kitty bit earlier, but I bet it'll have a reprise later this evening too.

Rllgthunder said...

Always good to see you're living life on the edge, Pete. :D