Spring! I say thee, spriiiiing!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Except it's not spring here yet, but my body's decided it should be. Today, despite the temperature being below zero after the wind chill, I opened all the windows. It was wonderful. You don't realize how stale the air is getting until you let it all out.

(The fact that I made fried chicken a couple nights ago, and we have all manner of cats in the house does not help the air-getting-stale business)

It got chilly eventually, but it felt wonderful. Now if only I could go outside in something besides eight layers of clothes...



(that's nearly all I ever talk about, I realize, but to be fair...that's nearly all I ever do. It's like being a fish who's preoccupied with swimming and looking goggle-eyed. No one should be surprised.)

I missed my deadline, but I knew I would, and it's not by much, and it doesn't affect anything too badly. I still got a serious lot of fiction written in short order, something I'm pretty proud of.

I kept saying that when I was done with this first batch of episodes, I would take a break for a few days and sleep a lot (since last night I went to bed by 2am, and it felt like I'd gone to bed incredibly early) and I would hang out with friends and such.


...except that as I wrapped up the last of the episodes, I realized that I have a short story which has been waiting patiently to be written which I really want to write. So I'll work on it slower than I worked on the first four episodes of the serial, but I think I'll work on it anyway.

And between episode's 2 and 3, I started to write the beginning pages of a comic book script, for a one-shot story which I showed to an editor. He read the story, and suggested that it would work much better as a single issue comic book. He's right. It does. So I'm re-writing that.

And...I'm itching to write the novel that Carrie and I dreamed up (remember? set in London? with zombies? Carrie? Hello?) but which I'm patiently waiting to start writing until she and I can work on it together.

I've done so good this time. My collaberations usually fail because I stat wirting something with somebody else, and then I fail to run out of ideas and wind up writing the whole damn thing, and thne I have to go to the co-author and say "er. Sorry. I wound up doing the story myself."

Trying not to do that here.

For my next post, I hope to show off a piece of concept art for my serial, and maybe give some information about it. I raelly want to, I just have to make sure it's not too soon. We shall see.

Right. It's above zero now, time to break out the shorts and go work on my tan!

(or, huddle inside and try to stay warm)

2 Angst(s):

Carrie said...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I'm here!

TJWriter said...

I might trying cracking the windows next week when the temperature will reach the 50s.

And you are so right that Carrie has been slacking. Gawd! You'd think she was a working stiff like the rest of us or something.