To The Back Burner With You!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

It appears that my writing will once again be relegated to the Back Burner O' Life.

Here in Carrieland, 2007 has been very, very rude. From Mr. Carrie's company being shut down, to my mom spending two days in the hospital with heart troubles, let's just say my stress level has been off the charts.

Mr. Carrie found another job, started it, and... it's horrible. "Hostile Work Environment" is a gross understatement. So we're back to Square One there. In the interim, I was told about a job opening, interviewed for it, then waited five stressful days before they called to OFFER ME THE JOB!! YAY! They even offered me more than the posted starting salary, and a boatload of perks and benefits. So I only have three more days left of being a Stay At Home Mom. (Not that I'm home much anyway...)

Right now I'm stressing about clothes. As a SAHM, my typical outfit is jeans and a sweatshirt. Unfortunately, while comfortable, it's not appropriate for a professional environment. I wander through the aisles of clothes and feel like an orangutan in a jewelry store. I've never been good at shopping for clothes, particularly when I have to stop and try them on. Ick. (I don't collect purses or shoes, either.)

But I am excited about this new job! It seems like it will suit me, the hours are good, the pay is good, the benefits are outstanding, and I'll have my own kick-ass desk that I can put my favorite pictures and flowers on. Yay.

So yeah, it looks like my writing will be taking a back seat, which really isn't a big deal to me. It's taken a back seat before. Writing's something I've always done, something I'll aways do, but I've never been consumed by this fiery passionate need like some writers are. Once I get the hang of my new schedule (and getting used to being paid for working instead of spending an obscene amount of time volunteering), I'll get back on track. But until then, it's not looking good for novel edits. (Which is pure drudgery anyway...)

Hmm... last chance to take a mid-week nap...

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Pete said...

I think SOMEBODY is not taking their post-labels very seriously. Hm. HM.

Every time I start a new job, I'm mostly terrified, not at the prospect of meeting new people (which I'm good at) or doing new things (which I'm crustily passable at) but at the thought that I won't be able to write, it'll destroy my writing, I'll be done writing.

I never am. The most is ever does is change the time of day that I write. That's about it.

As for clothes, you're on your own. I'm wearing a comfy sweater that I junior high.

(which tells you something about the towering heights *I* achieved, boy howdy...)

TJWriter said...

Congrats, Carrie! I'm still trying to find a permanent job. If there is a Kohl's near you, try there. I hate shopping for clothes, too, and I feel that pain.

And Pete, my husband still weighs the 120 - 125 he did when I met him 10 years ago. Scrawny lil bastid, he is.

Carrie said...

What's wrong with my post labels? Tell me which one troubles you and I'll explain how it relates perfectly to the topic at hand. *grin*

TJ~ I'm going to hit a new Kohl's on Saturday. I've never been in it, but I've heard good things. I found two cute pairs of dress pants at Walmart today, and a pair of shoes. Yay. I'm half done. ROFL

Pete said...

120-125? Yep. That's my range too. :)

The Kohl's here has been continuously hiring for the past two years. Frightening.

Did you know some people go clothes shopping for FUN?

I dont' believe it, myself.

(pardon my typing; am re-plagued, and on cold medicine)

Rllgthunder said...

So Pete's gonna have to start doing his fair share of work on the Blog now, huh? :)

Pete said...

Nah. We'll just start doing "best of..." entries and re-post older material from the blog. Maybe we'll revisit that charming kitty picture from the first post!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog (esp. the title), and congrats again on the job! Just don't let it affect your serious writing (you know, that important sequel you're working on concerning the Deus Ex Machina device; I've just about got it finished...).


P.S. You've been 'tagged'--you're it! Visit my myspace blog (see any AW post for link) and follow the directions. We want to know!!

TJWriter said...

Ha, Pete made is debut on my blog today. Granted it was only some marketing line of his, but it's there.

Pete said...

Hah! awesome!

(God forbid I ever actually do anything with iced tea...)

We've been tagged! I can't get it off my ear. Now the AW people know where I eat, sleep, and mate! Agh! They know my migration habits! AGH! Help! Help! I'm being assaulted by science!

Rllgthunder said...

Have a good day at work tomorrow, Carrie. Remember; big purse = more take home pay. ;D

Alex Adams said...

Congrats on getting the job, Carrie!

(I can't believe I didn't know you guys have a joint blog. Time to up my PHENTERMINE!)

Pete said...

If you'd look closer at your PHENTERMINE tablets before gobbling them down (and would it kill you to chew between bites?) you would have noticed the tiny little "CarrPeeDiem" carved on each one. Silly.

Alex Adams said...

Well I know that *now* don't I? :D