Work, Snow, Sick

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This whole job thing is seriously cutting into my Internet time. Would you believe that they don't pay me to get online? As a matter of fact, I've been really busy and wouldn't be able to get online even if they did let me. *grumble*

I actually really like my new job. The people are a hoot. We even have interdepartmental Uno games during lunch. Winning department gets a Burger King crown. Definitely a fun place to work. I'll like it better when I know what the heck I'm doing and don't have to keep asking how to do the job. I'm apparently well ahead of where they assumed I'd be, so that's good. And bodes well for my evaluation in 90 days. BUWAHAHAHAHAHA

In other news, Son's school has been closed for 2 1/2 days. We got a fun ice storm. On top of a bunch of snow. So on Tuesday afternoon they got off at noon, then were off Wednesday and Thursday. I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow. Not that it matters.


Because my poor kid is miserable sick. Hubby took off Wednesday because of the weather. A 50 mile commute and an ice storm don't mix well. So I got to take the truck to work, which is good because my car wouldn't have made it. Nearly half the people didn't make it to work, which was interesting. I made it in before my supervisor. Ha!

Last night, Son spent part of the night barfing! Fun! Just how I want to spend the night. Much more enjoyable than, yanno, sleeping.

This evening, we're watching Survivor while he lays on the couch, all bundled up. He's been running a fever all day, so it looks like I'll be missing a day of work tomorrow. I'm kind of hoping they cancel school. Tomorrow was only a half-day anyway, so a delay would be stupid. And Son is already whining about losing his Perfect Attendance status.

He's a nut.

Just like his mom. (Yeah, I said it before you did. Ha!)

But on the upside, if I stay home tomorrow with my sick kid, I can waste the day online! WOOO HOOO! Of course I'm sure Peeeeeeete won't chat with me cuz he'll be off working or something equally unreasonable. ;oP

Meh, Survivor isn't thrilling me. I'm hoping it gets better as the season goes on.

4 Angst(s):

Pete said...

Actually, I'm off tomorrow. And I may even open Yahoo!IM whilst racing for my final deadliney sort of things.

This is why we haev a blog. Otherwise, our important thoughts and feelings and angst would be lost to the world. And there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth and stuff.

So, your son is sick, so what do you watch? SURVIVOR? A show full of people living filthy, eating bizarre things, and sloshing around on an unkempt island? And he's prone to making puke and giving it away? Crazy!

Carrie said...

It was either Survivor or a Paradise Hotel marathon. NOW tell me Survivor is filthy and bizarre...

Racing for your final deadline? TOMORROW?? Wasn't the deadline the 15th? Wasn't that, um, today??

And yes, I freely admit that I didn't even come close with my personal challenge.

Pete said...

I missed my deadline by a bit. So it's another late night or two for me. Thanks to the way production's set up, though, this doesn't affect anything.

Which is nice. I like having a production schedule built to withstand deadline missing. I'm proud of that. :-)

I didn't know what a Paradise Hotel was, so I went and looked it up, and now I need a shower.

TJWriter said...

There've been lots of illnesses this year. Even I got the stomach bug, which has been hitting hot and heavy. My husband has it for a second time right now.

I've missed you all posting. I need something funny to read to break up the fits of banging my head into my desk.