I had my Angsty-Os for breakfast today!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feel free to skip over this post full of vague and useless ranting.
I haven't really delved into the specifics, but suffice it to say that "emotional rollercoaster" is a gross understatment for my life the past two months.

Then yesterday, someone decided that now was the perfect time to pile on even more bullshit regarding stuff that is due to go on over the summer.

Why not? It's not like I have ENOUGH stressing me out, let's pile on a few more things! Sure! Carrie's not the type to end up with a gun in the clock tower at the town square, no sir! Ha ha! Oh. Wait...

So I spent most of last evening wallowing in my misery, and ended up crying myself to sleep in sheer frustration. Husband is a "fixer" so when I was sobbing out my angst to him, he was helpfully offering suggestions. Which made things worse because I just wanted to vent. (Although I did like his suggestion of watching Sopranos reruns for ideas on "solving" our "problem".)

Right now I'm just drained.
We're going to a pig roast this afternoon (Yes, a pig roast in 16ยบ weather. Our friends are insane.) Other than that, I'm spending the weekend holed up at home and adhering to a strict code of avoidance and denial as far as the outside world is concerned. Thank heaven for Caller ID, which will be a valuable tool in my quest for solitude.

I much prefer being happy and angstless. My kitties help with that, so I'll share a few cute pictures of them. The first 3 pics were taken by my son, who thoroughly enjoys the digital camera and extreme closeups. LOL
This is Kelly, my nosy adventurer. She sleeps wrapped around my head at night. She loves to investigate everything.

This is Maggie, my lazy fluffball. She's floppy - if you pick her up, it's like she's boneless. It's really weird.

And this is Tucker, my scaredy-cat. She stays in the bedroom if anyone comes by. Right now she's playing with some of Son's stray Legos.

We got all three of our girls from the same litter. Here's a pic I took when they were still babies. They still curl up together sometimes, only now it has to be on the floor or the bed because they don't all fit on the chair sprawled out. (And we don't have that hideous chair anymore.)

15 Angst(s):

TJWriter said...

I'm sorry Carrie. I hate when things get all rough and scruffy. Feel free to vent away.

Your kitties are adorable. My outside kitties are so much fun. Perhaps I'll take some pictures and post them.

Good luck.

P.S. I'm posting this with a Piper stuck to my shoulder, snoozing away, and it's really hard.

Pete said...

I knew there was angst around, I could feel the rash building.

It sounds optimistic and naive, but generally things work out for the best (even when we don't realize that the outcome arrived at is "the best.")

Watching the Soprano's is a good idea, I'm told (by those who have seen it, a number which does not include me)

Rllgthunder said...

Good thing there isn't any clock towers in my town.

Pete said...

Yeah, because if there were, you'd have to take out that "isn't" and put in an "aren't."

Sheesh. :)

Carrie said...

Yeah. I had to scratch my head when I read that. Thank goodness he's not a writer or anything. *grin*

I know it'll all work out, and it'll be all sunshine and roses and better than where we are now, but that doesn't help. :oP

The pig roast was good. I had a big ole mixed drink... whiskey mixed with ice and a splash of 7Up. It was supposed to be half and half... it wasn't. I also ran into an old friend, so between the drinking and the laughing and good music, my angst is considerably lessened.

Rllgthunder said...

Geez.....everybody thinks they're William Strunk Jr., tonight. :)

Pete said...

Except for Carrie, who is....

....wait for it....

William Drunk Jr. tonight!

*exits to general applesauce*

TJWriter said...


It's nice to know that I always have somewhere to go for comic relief.

And yes, I read Rllg's post three times.

Rllgthunder said...

It's a regional form, TJ. We Mechanicsburgians (not Mechanicsburgers) have our own special (inbreed) way of speaking, just like everybody else. Sometimes the spoken word makes its way through the fingers and onto the page. That's what rewrites and editing is for.

Speaking of such: (Pete) "I knew there was angst around, I could feel the rash building."

Do tell, Pete? What exactly does a rash building feel like? Is this a special place, where people go to contract skin diseases? :)

And Carrie! "I also ran into an old friend, so between the drinking and the laughing and good music, my angst is considerably lessened."

Were you trying to tackle your old friend? And what about that first comma placement? A semicolon belongs there. --Tsk Tsk--

TJ. 'That' is an unnecessary conjunction in your sentence.

(Isn't this fun?)

I'll behave now and leave a link Uncle Jim posted in a thread on AW:


Pete said...

Except that if those are the worst attacks you have on our posts, I feel pretty safe... ;)

Rllgthunder said...

Don't make me come over there and hit you over the head with a vowel, Pete. :D

Carrie said...

Mechanicsburg? Egad, I didn't realize you were so close. That's kind of scary. ROFL

Nice try, Mr. Grammar Police, but your examples are far less egregious than yours. So there.

And I was not drunk. A little tipsy, perhaps, but light years from drunk. :oD

Rllgthunder said...

Be nice, Carrie. I'll find out where you live, move in next door, and lower your property value. :D

Carrie said...

I'd be less worried about the property values and more worried about the harrassing phone calls.

RLLG: *heavy breathing*

CARRIE: Rllg? What do you want?

RLLG: Uh... *more heavy breathing*

CARRIE: I know that's you.

RLLG: Huh? How?

CARRIE: Your name comes up on the caller ID. And I can see you at the window.

RLLG: Oh. Right. Well... lunch tomorrow?


Rllgthunder said...

If you could give reps on a blog you'd have one for that comment. :D

(But I can't, so you don't, so sorry.)